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Own your data and realize the power of a Unified Customer Record.

OnMetric is purpose-built for the events industry to unify and harness the potential of your customer data.

1. Unify

Centralize and standardize data from disparate sources, such as ticketing vendors, eCommerce, marketing platforms and many more.

2. Enhance

Enrich your unified data with additional points to enable more precise and meaningful segmentation.

3. Analyze

View your unified, enhanced data through a meaningful lens, relevant to your business and market.

4. Act

Leverage your unified, standardized and enhanced data to take deliberate action based on real Ticket Science™.


Integrate your disparate data sources.

With pre-built integrations to top-tier registration and data sources, OnMetric leverages historical data to establish performance baselines.



business intelligence

Set KPIs and monitor your performance in real time.

Analyze sales against forecasted sales curves.

Actionable data and insights provide real decision-making power.

Are you winning or losing? Find the answer with a singular scorecard in the palm of your hand.


Actionable insights enable real ROI.

  • Many companies use incomplete and disparate datasets, which leads to poorly targeted campaigns, oversaturation, and an ineffcient use of digital marketing budget.
  • By leveraging OnMetric's unification engine and API, you can save marketing dollars and make your current spend provide a higher ROI.
  • Gain actionable insights on the correct timing and trajectory to know who you should speak to and when, as well as the effectiveness of current efforts using Ticket Science™ by OnMetric.


Expertly built for your business.

The OnMetric platform is the result of many years spent supporting the world's finest brands in the use of better data to drive business decisions. We pair rich knowledge of big data with a deep understanding of the events industry to address specific needs and challenges with a purpose-built solution.

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